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Cargo Fan?

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It could be to pull cigarette smoke out of the car. I know they have weird stuff like this in Taiwan.


I was thinking wet dog smell. Also good if you're a mafia boss and have a dead hello-kitty in the back and need to hide the smell...

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On my XT I just have the wiper heater button at the far left position.


For my Car PC projector I picked up another switch bank - it has the wiper heater @ far left and the VDC-OFF button at far-right where that fan switch is.


The buttons aren't available on their own, they're part of the switch block and I guess the switch block is tailored to each model car based on the features.

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That fan looks like it dumps out of the breather vent behind the kick panel...


Neat! Not optimal placement, but it'd probably do a halfway decent job of pumping hot air out of the greenhouse.


If I got that, I'd wire it to a solar panel on the rear quarter window. That way it can just sit there and run all the time (unless the switch is off), without draining the battery.


Hmmm.... too much money for something you could reasonably accomplish with a 12v computer fan and a plastic vent grill/tubing. You could do a budget version for just a few dollars. Heck, you could take advantage of the vents on both sides of the car for MUCH less than the cost of this kit. And you wouldn't lose the cubby on the drivers rear (where I keep emergency flares).

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