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5th Gen. Brake Lights LED bulb upgrade questions.

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Ive been upgrading all of the lights on my car and wanted to ask

The forum if anyone has upgraded their OEM Tail light/Brake Light Bulbs to

LED? I want brighter lights.


I'm not sure of the size I would need and where to order them from. I made

a mistake for my reverse lights and the lights I purchased were

Not fitting in as snug as they should so I wasted some money.


I'm looking not to waste any more money so if anyone has done this

Modification and could assist me... That would be great!

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I've done the upgrade. For your brake and tail lights, you'll need 7443 type bulbs.

I ordered mine from superbrightleds. Others have ordered from vleds.


I got strange dash lights caused by the brake lights, which suggests a grounding problem. I have a post on the 5th gen forum asking for help, but nobody seems to know how to fix this. I swapped the brake LEDs back to stock.


I recommend buying from ebay to save a ton of money. If you get the same problem I do, you wouldn't have lost that much cash. A seller I've had a good experience with is PerAccurate. Free shipping.

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what do you mean by strange dash lights? I have upgraded rear tails to led. I cant say that they are brighter but they look good with that instant led on and off, where as there is a residual glow with filament lights.
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