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grounding issue? hesitation inside.

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Ive been noticing some slight hesitation with my 05 lgt.It has just over 84xxx miles and is bone stock and a 5eat. It kinda comes and goes, but its almost every day. I took it to suabru twice in the past month. the first time they just gandered at it and said there was no issue and there was no cel present at the time. two weeks after that i got a cel. It was shaking bad and missing terribly, cylinder 1 misfire two days at the dealer and fixed. They said they cheacked the plugs, wires, other injectors as well as changed the one bad injector. Well not long after that, theres still hesitation just like before the injector shit the bed.


So, that brings me to today when i noticed this flacid ground wire or looks to be ground wire just hanging? with the bracket attached. Pictures are crap..

it goes with this one and follows down to a bracket. does it connect to the chassis?







Its right in the middle of this picture..





Hopefully you guys can help me figure this out.


thanks, kyle

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