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ss clutch line(techna fit) worn thru from my shift fork?


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so i went to start my car and the clutch stayed on the floor....:confused:

after getting it towed and wasting my last AAA tow thinking it was a throwout bearing or slave cylinder...my mechanic calls me and tells me that the ss clutch line he installed that i purchased from infamous rubbed against the shift fork and wore right thru the damn thing:eek:

just wanted to share this exp.

you have been warned.

now im not sure if i should pony up for another brand of ss clutch line or just get the oem rubber??

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but see that's my point...it was installed properly.

the fitting on the one end seems to be causing the problem

i'm just wondering why they would sell this for the legacy if it doesn't really work and ends up getting worn..wtf?

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yeah thats what i went with...

i'd say after having both i def. felt a diff. in the clutch but not a major difference .

if the line was longer it would have been fine.

my original clutch line went after 70k so i figured why not upgrade.

i just don't understand why they would sell this line for the lgt if it really doesn't seem to work right.

don't get me wrong i really like infamous and i support them ..

i really have never had any complaints with any of their products

well except for the washers that came with my ip&t kit for the new turbo lines..

they all seemed to leak and we had to replace them with washers from auto zone which seemed like a stronger metal . and have not leaked since.

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I think the Infamous washers were a soft metal to be crushed a little for sealing. I may be wrong. I am not sure that anyone at IP&T has seen this problem yet/before. I will forward this to Mike as I keep forgetting to ask him about it.
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The clutch line in question is a Technafit? I have not installed a Technafit ss clutch line on an lgt yet. But I have installed many ss clutch lines on LGT's. I make my own. Never had a failure of mine, or any other aftermarket brand (clutch line).


The shift forks are internal to the tranny, so I am very confused. I think the OP is referring to the pitch stop.


Any stainless line will wear through (even coated) if it is rubbing on something harder than the line. It is up to the installer to make sure the lines do not rub.


Pix would deff help.


I dont make Technafit. It is a well known brand name I sell.


The crush washers I supply with the oil line kit are aluminum. They are good for 1 use. Proper torque the first time is required. Re-torquing may well result in seepage. Aluminum seals better than copper because it is softer, but softer also makes them 1 use. I dont make the crush washers, XRP does. We use them at the shop all day long with no issue.


Sorry to hear about any issues. But the complaints all seem to be install related.

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well of course....

look all i know is i have NEVER had an issue with any other torque specifics from my mechanic on any thing else in over five years.

and yes if u actually spent five minutes to read what was in this short thread u would see it was technifit ss line which is sold for the lgt on ur website.

and yes the fork is internal but right where the slave connects to the line there was rubbing and the line seems too short and thats what was causing it..the stock line is longer and is able to wrap around the other side of the slave...

still waiting on the pics from my mechanic...

i have an ap racing pitch stop mount and that's def. not what was wrong... it wasnt even near that..

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MSprank works 12-14+ hours a day and obviously missed the thread title as he was responding to my PM link to this thread. I'm sure he just dove into my link and read your OP and tried to help, unfortunately, technafit is only in the title and your mechanic seems to be unable to take five minutes to send you a cellphone pic of whats wrong with your cable. That omission means there is really nothing to respond to in this thread yet and your snarkyness makes me regret forwarding it to him. Tons of that lately around here.
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are u kidding me!


if anyone is "snarky" its u

all i'm doing is posting up my honest experiences and ur getting all butt hurt and defensive .

like usual. i've had issues with u before.so do me a favor and stay the **** off my threads if u don't have anything positive or informative to add.

i didnt say anything bad about infamous or m.sprank.

so go untangle ur web panties brah...

and yeah my mechanic works everyday just like ur boss!

maybe thats why he could care less about these pictures..they are not a priority to him. and the fact that you wouldnt take me at my word just shows how great ur paranoia is...you think i made this shit up??

u think i wanted to waste 30$ on a ss clutch line?

or go thru wasting AAA tow on bullshit ...

point is i should be able to voice my opinions or my experiences on this forum without trolls like u questioning the validity of my experience.and trying to make me look like its my fault or my mechanic must've done something wrong...

like i said i'll get the pic's posted as soon as i can. tho i'm sure u will comment before that. so u can continue to get uber defensive and push a customer away go ahead.

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Ok. I think I get it now. The line was routed to the drivers side of the pitch stop, not around the passenger side like OEM. So, the line rubbed against the top of the shift fork that actuates the TOB. The part of it that the slave cylinder pushes against.


Well Goodridge released a "LGT" S/ clutch line and I pre-tested it, it did not fit. I threw a fit and Goodridge told me I was wrong and to go away. So, I took the part off my site. Guess its time to test fit a Technafit.


For the record, I make my own custom S/S clutch lines. This is what LALGT has installed in his car. Mine are the same length as stock and route in the same way as stock. Around the pitch stop, far from the TOB fork.


Sorry for the issues rapture. You can always contact me directly if there is an issue with a product I sell. Pix would help because I plan on taking the issue directly to Technafit. I can test fit and show the interference, but your real life experience of failure and cost incurred is what might rattle their cages.

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I consider this an official invitation to troll you from now; you are delusional if you think I am actually interested in anything other than pictures of what happened since I am running a SS line.




/unsub since I am not going to get pics or all the info anyhow.

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sprank u hit it right on the head.

thats what i was trying to explain is that the way the slave cylinder holds the line it creates this bend as u can clearly see in the pics.


i'm not trying to talk badly about u or infamous..like i said before

i fully back infamous and have supported u and this won't stop that .


la lgt u need to chill and get off the computer or something...maybe go smoke some fine la buds cause there's no reason for me to lie about this and the fact that u are sooo quick to jump on this thread in defense mode

instead of trying to help...well that's just another reason why u are lame.


where are u at with any of my other threads that ask for help with any other issues i have had..:spin:.no where...all i'm saying is try to be more helpful .and lose ur attitude dude!


i think the line would be fine if it was longer and could go the route the stock line does...(the passenger side of the mount )



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yeah my mechanic said to me "i don't like this line"

but neither one of us thought that it would rub thru like this.

live and learn rite.

i just have alot of faith in infamous and what he sells so i figured it's for my car it should work..

i admittedly don't know everything. so

maybe if we had a master like u around bmx then this wouldn't have happened.

and if it's sooo obvious then why would they even sell it for our cars...am i really the first to experience this?

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Yes. It is a newer product. I have only sold a handful. Honestly, after the Goodridge debacle (where they told me the line fit even though it was made for a 02-05 WRX, not a LGT) I got miffed and did not even check fit on the Technafit. I cant have my lines produced for a low enough cost to compete with Technafit and Goodridge on price, so I have not advertised them strongly, just install them at the shop.


I have already sent the original pix to Technafit. A pic of the worn line is appreciated.


I also forwarded the pic to a wholesale supply house, so they can notify their customers. The line has been pulled from my website LGT offerings until further review.

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nice . that's how u handle shit.

i didn't think u would sell it knowing this would happen.. i didn't mean to be snarky or make a big stink ..

i still fully support infamous and will prob be getting some things in the near future.

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