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engine identification

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I have a 1998 legacy L, 2.2L. About 159,000 miles.


Since I've had the car only a year, and not knowing its past history, I decided to put some preventive maintenance into it and do the timing belt, idlers, tensioner, water pump, thermostat, cam seals, and drive belts. I ordered a GMB kit through Mizumo auto parts on EBAY. I was VERY specific, used my VIN number when ordering, and was assured that the parts would fit.


Lo and behold, one of the idlers (a smooth one) and the tensioner do not fit. Everything else went in fine. I called a dealer, trying to get this done ASAP, and gave him the VIN, and he handed me the same WRONG parts!


At this point, I figured the engine had been changed and called my mechanic (he is doing the work for me). I had not noticed any obvious signs of a junkyard engine, but not all swaps come from the yard. My mechanic says he doesn't see any signs of the engine being changed. (marks on connectors, bolts, etc.) In his opinion, everything looks just like it should from the factory.


Anyway, I found one marking on the engine, a #015947. Does this mean anything to you guys?


The plate on the fender reads Ej22EA...... I know that's for the 2.2, but I can't remember if there is more after that.


Where else could I look to find more info on my motor in case I need to do work again later?



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one of the idlers (a smooth one) and the tensioner do not fit.
about the smooth idler; i assume the difference is the bearing inside. the original factory idlers on your engine, one idler had a single bearing and one had a double bearing. since 97 they have changed the design, both are single bearing, even the one from subaru. so don't worry and install what you have.


about the tensioner, there are only two types out there, pre-98 and post 97. the change date may be a little fuzzy but still only two. the early one is a two piece unit where the piston is separate from the pulley and the later one where they are all one piece. i don't know which is on your car and which is new in the box, but you just need the other one.


the new style will be expensive at the dealer, the old style less so. because unless the piston is busted or leaking you do not replace it, only the pulley / idler.


in the end it does not matter when the engine was built or if it it is original you just need the correct part. go to the dealer and ask for a tensioner from either a year later (the one piece) or just the idler from a year earlier, you will be good.


(FYI: they are interchangeable, but you have to also swap the mounting bracket which is bolted onto the block.so that is probably not a real option at the moment unless you have a good subaru parts yard near by.)

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that's the new style. not your actual tensioner since i see two.


i did forget to mention, some folks have had a problem with their mizumoto tensioners in regard to the bolts or the spindle flange that the tensioner pivots on. this is resolved by using the old bolt and pivot spindle with the new tensione. but this is only necessary if the tensioner does not pivot after it has been troqued down. this may only be only be for the old style tensioners, not really sure.

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