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Plz come in if you've had CEL P0725

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I've searched the other threads and see people saying they have it, I just don't see where anyone posts what it actually was and what it took to fix it.


I know the code stands for "Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction" but what did yours actually end up being and how did you fix it a.k.a...how much did it cost you?


BTW...is the car ok to drive with this? The dealership is about a 40 minute drive away from me.



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So I have run into this code after I had a bad cam sensor (bank 1).


My car finally died and I had to push it about 2 blocks. I got it to start and limped it home to fix it.


I replaced both cam sensors and the crank sensor.


All codes went away except the P0725 code.


Car runs great in sport automatic mode and manual mode.


In regular automatic mode it at times seems to stumble at light acceleration and retards timing a small amount when it does stumble.


Gas mileage is good as always, oil looks good, tranny fluid looks good.


I have no CEL and the car is NOT in limp mode.


From everything I have read there is no Engine Speed Sensor so to speak. It is some sort of internal circuit in the TCM.


Now I am looking at/for a new TCM and all I can find reference for is the AT Control Unit part number 31711AG803.


My questions are;


1) Is that the right part number for what we call the TCM?


2) Does it require some sort of programming or flash from the dealership when replaced with a new unit?


3)Am I even close in thinking this is the issue?


4) Would it be beneficial to pull one out of a wrecked low mileage 5EAT?


Thank you,


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I wish I had more info other than I dealt with it, had the extended warranty so the dealer dealt with it. I also was getting the bad cam sensor code. I had my TCM replaced (which took 2 months to get here from Japan) and was still getting the code. Then they replaced the transmission wiring harness. It was a nightmare waiting on my car/ parts.
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