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new car :)


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I'm gonna be a daddy, so I am curious about what year, model, and trim with a manual transmission would be best for me. I want a lot of power(for passing Hondas on my way to work) and I want a quiet comfortable ride when I'm easy on it. Something I can run hard, and not worry about tearin anything up. Fully closed deck block? And has to be a stick, don't want my wife to drive it :D


I really love the 2nd and 4th gen legacys. I like sedans more than wagons.


Any ideas?

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I recently purchased an '06 LGT and quite happy with the decision. More than enough ample power to pass people.


Not sure on the fully closed deck block.


You can find manuals pretty easily. Look in the FS sections, people are selling. I know of a dealership in Central PA that has a couple of LGT 5 speeds for sale too. W&L Subaru, look them up if you can't find anything closer.


Just be wary though, because while you can run an LGT pretty hard, turbo failure can occur. Read the forums, like I am, and be aware of what you find.


Best of Luck!

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