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OEM Stereo cuts in and out, somewhat randomly.


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This has been occurring for a few weeks now. So far, I have no patterns that I can determine effect this issue.


With the headunit powered on, showing a radio station, or aux input, there is no sound. I can adjust the volume via the knob or the steering wheel controls, and I see the volume adjustment being displayed as I turn it up and down. The little "ST" signal quality indicator will blip on and off when I'm at the outer edge of a radio station's signal area. Also, when this occurs, I lose audio from the OEM Navigation unit, including the "beeps" when you touch the screen. When the audio works, so does the audio for the navigation.


I would say about half the time I start the car I have audio, the other half I do not. If it is working, and I stop to get fuel for example, when I restart the car 3-4 minutes later, I will not have audio. If the car sits for a while, it usually works, regardless of the previous state. However, I last drove the car home from work on Friday, without audio. This morning when I got in, I still had no audio, which was surprising. I don't recall it failing at all during travel once it is working. And I know there have been times I've had audio as I've arrived home, parked the car, with the car and audio still on, then shut it off. When starting it again the next morning I won't have audio. I can be sure it's not due to bumps in the road, etc, as the car hadn't moved since getting home when it worked.


This all began a few weeks ago, my GPS screwed up and I had to make a U-turn on a 2 lane road, mid threepoint turn a car came around the corner up the road, and in my haste I backed the right rear tire into the curbing (no damage) but I thought I stalled it and grabbed for the key to restart and get out of the way. I hadn't stalled, and I got that great grinding noise for a split second when I attempted to restart it. At the same time the audio cut out, but the headunit was still powered and appeared to be functional.


When it is working, the audio sounds great, sub seems to be working fine, no issues at all. But then the next time I start the car, I won't have audio.


Unfortunately I have been ridiculously busy at work, and have been working weekends so I haven't had any real time to get into things and check connections. Does anyone have any recommendations? How is the audio wired? Does the headunit power the speakers, or does it send a signal to an external amplifier for the overall system?


Any help is hugely appreciated as I drove 44 miles each way to work, and doing so in silence or streaming audio in my phone is getting very old, very fast....



Thanks a lot!!!



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