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93 rs automatic transmission problem


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hi all


urgent knowledge required


i have brought a 93 legacy rs twin turbo automatic with stuffed trans and have tried to change trans to another auto trans posibly non turbo..no trans code on it.it all bollts up and the only diffrence is the new one is a cable trans but the original was electric...the car started before we had put the top mount intercooler on then we put it on and it wouldnt start

any ideas on what i can do to get it to going

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Wow. where to begin...


I think this is more an engine question than a trans question if you can't get the motor to even start.


For the trans: do you know what car it came out of?


For the engine: Are you syaing the car started up when you had the intercooler off, and now it does not start when the intercooler is on? Is Check Engine light on? Did you scan to Check Engine codes?

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