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Stealth Radar Detector


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I was looking for some stealth smart cord installs for my Escort 8500 and everyone just keeps reusing their sock smart cords and finding new spots to mount it. I took a little bit different route on this and bought an aftermarket cord from http://www.safe-n-sound1.com. Pretty cool product, there's no case with the wiring in it so it's really easy to set it up exactly as you want.


I installed it all right in the ashtray area. on the right side there's a little rubber plug, I pulled that out made the hole a little wider and that's where I installed the round mute button. On the left side there's a little step in the plastic, so I drilled there and installed the red LED (solid for power being supplied and flashing for alert mode). Really easy install. They provide a mini-fuse blade that just slides right over the fuse to run power and have the o-spade for grounding.


Put the Escort unit right under the rear view and ran the wire under the plastic raceway for the auto-dimming mirror wire. Really tidy install overall with a 2.0/10 difficulty level and a 9/10 on how clean it looks.





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