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Cobb stage 2 to reduce lag or better tune?


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I have a 2007 LGT with the 5eat transmission. I purchased an acessport and flashed to stage 1. i have a stock intake and an SPT catback.


All my logs look good and I'm getting no knock but I have noticed the turbo lag has gotten much worse. At 3000 rpm it surges and makes the drivability awkward as the tranny seems to sometimes downshift as well.


My question is will a better tune then the OTS map make this better?


Do I need to go to stage 2 to get rid of the lag or will this make it worse?


Also could it be the TCM needs to be reset so it can relearn along with the new mapping?


Any help would be appreciated.




Love this site by the way. I got some suspension parts from infamous after reading around here. the car handles soooooo much better.

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The turbo lag didn't get worse. Your car just pulls harder at the same rev point as before. A stage 2 tune requires hardware mods and will pull even harder.


You can have the tune adjusted so the power doesn't come on as sudden. It's called "making the car slower". ;)

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I had the same problem with my 08. Had an "odd" surge at about the same rpm. I ended up buying a downpipe and forked out the money for a custom tune. It got rid of the problem and was worth every penny of the performance upgrade.
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