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The Yearlong overhaul begins....now

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So I bought a 95 wagon a few months ago as my second car to replace my first, a Contour that liked lighting itselt on fire. It's the 2.2 with the 5mt and now 211k miles. I get around 20 mpg and I leak oil at a somewhat steady

rate (not sure from where, but its up front, so seals or oil pump gasket). Also has little power, especially in 5th.


I'm a broke college kid, so I need to do this piece at a time over the next year.


I have a real MAF on the way (mine is currently made of rtv and bandaids. Funny story)

Tires and Alignment this month.

Timing belt and whatever is leaking. This includes the water pump, tensioners, and such.

Knock sensor.

PCV Valve and cleaning of IAC valve.


Possible pads and rotors all around this month.

Upstream O2 sensor.


This is going to be an expensive month...


Any idea what else I could do while I'm at it?

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