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Quad Horns


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If anyone is interested...








No, these are not 4 Hella's. This is a display of 2 different sets of horns. The end result is a much louder output than that of 4 Hella's.


Ask Hicksta for deets :lol:

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I was joking about asking Hicksta for details. lol. Although, he probably does know everything by now.

Was bored enough and had to ask (twice) :lol:

First time got the diy instructions on mounting:

1. A Subimods Bracket

2. Black Chrysler Pearl Paint

3. 1, FLAT PUNCHED ZINC 1-3/8x1/16x36 (I can take a picture of this if you want)

4. HEX BOLT GRADE 8, 3/8x1 ZINC (I got 2 of these)

5. NUT NYLON LOCK ZINC 3/8 (I also got two of these)

6. T-Shaped Metal bracket, I think it's 3x3 (This should be in the door locks aisle)

7. 3 inch metal plate-Should have 4 holes diagonally from each other (This should be right next to the T-shaped bracket, same aisle)

8. I really don't remember what size bolts and nuts I got for the T-Shaped bracket and Metal Plates, but I just went over to the bolt section with the material and tried what fit through, don't get anything longer than an inch. Make sure you get matching bolts of course.


Second time, got what I was looking for in the details of the different horns;

The other horns are Socelli, and they're $24.99 at JDM Fire. Those horns operate at 139db compared to 118db for the Hellas. The freq is a bit different too. I'm using the Subimods harness for both of them.

Pictures of my rides;

2001 Honda Civic LX 4dr old whip[/url]

Current Wagon

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Went to home depot today to get some more bracket materials!


Starting the Dual-Horn Bracket:


I already cut the metal to size, but I'll post those pics for the Quad-Horn Setup.

















Quad Horn Bracket:





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