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Alignment issues/newNeoGens-time is running out!


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Good afternoon, LGT freaks :-)


I've had my 06'LGT for a year now, lovin' every minute of it. Still have a lean on the thing since it only has 60k.. Although, I've run into quite the alignment predicament.


Brought my LGT into Pep boys for an alignment since I noticed my steering wheel was off center and the car wouldn't ride striaght/true when tested at 65mph. Was told by the tech I needed new eccentric bolts/bushings. Went out and bought the kit, brought it to pep boys and was told that I need a new drivers side rear lower control arm... had that replaced at a shop that specializes in Import models with AWD systems.


Since I had the drivers side lower control arm replaced, front/front bushings replaced, I thought my alignment problem was over. Brought the LGT to discount tire, got some Nitto Neogens thrown on for only $410 and started driving. Immediately I hear a low hum "up, down" noise coming from my passenger side front wheel... obviously an alignment issue. So yesterday I brought the whip back to the Import shop, had the alignment redone and was brought into the garage by the shop manager. Was told that the car's passenger side front wheel is adjusted as far as possible- but is not symetrical with the other wheels-but that the alignment "should" be much better now...


I jump back in the car to drive it home, same noise coming from the same tire. My concern is that I will be wearing these new tires unevenly, causing me to make another unneccessary purchase. I was told by the shop manager that this may be a strut issue (ex. bent strut from a pothole) and that I may end up replacing the struts on the front end.


Could anyone shed some light on what I can do to remedy this situation? If needed, I can email alignment specs, give you any information you need for a better idea of what is going on here.


I appreciate any help you folks can provide!! :-)


Subies foe life!

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