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Can't find new OEM brake parts?


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Hey guys, now that I've got the new (to me) Leggy GT I'm trying to replace all 4 rotors and pads with premium stuff from the auto parts store (Autozone). Getting the rotors and pads wasn't a big deal, but upon removal I broke a bolt off in the passenger side caliper bracket and noticed that the previous owner had installed 2.5I brakes (caliper, bracket, rotor and pads) on the driver's side! So yes, thats smaller brakes on one side of the car than the other... :mad:


So, I order up a new caliper bracket for a 2006 Legacy GT for the passenger side $42, and a loaded caliper kit (caliper, bracket, and pads) $77 W/$95 core for the driver's side. But I keep getting 2.5I brakes!


I'm not sure what to do at this point, I'd like to keep the GT brakes, but I don't want to resort to the dealership and pay $300 for just a caliper, not to mention however much caliper brackets will cost....


Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated, at this point I can't even enjoy the new car because its sitting in pieces in the garage...

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