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Can anyone tell me what this part is called.

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My cousing has a European 1996 Subaru Legacy GL 2.0L which he cares for very much.

It has become damaged and I would like to help him find a replacement part but being a car novice I am not not what it is called.


The part is the long connecting light on the trunk with the word SUBARU on it.


If anyone can tell me what this part is callled or provide a part number that would be great.

Any recommendations on who may carry this part would also be appreciated.


Thanks for reading



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I'm new here, but I can guess what others would say: Find a junk yard and pull it from a scrapped car. Yards have cheep parts, and you won't need a part number to find one. Just say "hey, I need that 'SUBARU' light thingy from the trunk of a 96 Leg."
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I donated to LegacyGT.com which allows me to have this nifty signature. :p



If anything SCASEYS posts ever becomes a sticky i'm gonna light this whole place on fire :lol:
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