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The death of A/C in 91 Legacy... which parts?

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From what I read, the compressor appears to be a weak point in first gen Legacys. Some guy posted that he's not had luck with remanufactured compressors due to something about parts that isn't rebuilt inside.


When I got the car, there was nothing charged. It was charged with the proper amount of refrigerant by weight. The system would turn, I see refrigerant moving in the sight glass. But it won't cool.


High side is low. Low side pulls into vacuum. Compressor sounds like an MRI machine. Since the system was charged by weight, I know its not low. For low side to get that low, there has to be an obstruction somewhere, but wouldn't that bring the high side way high?


I don't even know where to start. If it's the expansion valve... why would it even clog in the first place?


If I replace the compressor, how do I know how much oil I need to add/remove?


The compressor is a top hook-up Diesel Kiki DCW-17, 150cc oil(as per label) and 30oz R12.

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