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Daily Driver Tune

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Ambient Temp: in 70 F

Elevation: 810 Ft

Weather: Clear

Car: 2005 2.5 GT Limited

Tuner: Modified By KC


Transmission: 5speed, with brand new stock clutch

Peak Horse Power at RPM: 5700

Peak Torque at RPM: 3300

Fuel: 92 with 10% Ethanol

Engine/Power Modifications: Catless DP, K&N Air Filter, Catless UP

Suspension Modifications: None

Other Modifications: 120,000 milles



I kept the boost stock and asked for it just to be healty.

I'm just putting this up for people to see, though they might want to see the most conservative LGT tune out there. Which is exactly what I wanted. The new tourque curve has improved driveability, no more sudden jolts or the dreaded "turbo shudder".


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Don't understand what you mean by "kept the boost stock" because you're running a DP and you're most certainly not stock at that power. How much boost are you actually running?
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