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RREV grill


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Looks good. I picked on up too. I didn't have to do too much. It pretty much fit outside of the box, it was just a little twisted in the middle. I ended up epoxying a thin piece of metal on the underside to stiffen it up.

i finished it with a couple of coats of krylon bedliner spray. I love the way it came out.

I also picked up one of the wings from the same thread. I also used the spray bedliner on it, but I haven't had a chance to put it on.


BTW, Are you the guy I met outside of Village Sensations behind the nanuet mall a couple of years ago? I have an OBP with black interior and live in Rockland also.

Great job on the grill

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Blemished units? That sounds interesting. How much were those? Guess i'm sad i missed out.

I've been wanting a grille like that for a while. I'm just too afraid to cut up my own grille for a DIY project.


PM R-Rev. I did the same thing and got one for $50.

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