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Failing headunit?


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My car still has the factory headunit, P-201UH, and has been working fine up until last week. When listening to CD's the unit will turn off and induce a loud "blip" on all speakers when doing so. At the same time my HVAC will turn to AUTO, from being set to OFF. The AM/FM bands don't ever have any issues, so is just the CD function going belly up?


I tried to do a quick search, but didn't have anything match up. Thought I've read others having a similar issues somewhere on the forum. Any ideas?

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i bought a used p204UH from a junkyard that had a similar sounding problem, though nothing on the unit worked. when i first plugged the unit in, the unit itself beeped a few times. after that, i heard the loud blip on all the speakers. then a very, very soft blipping noise continued randomly on all the speakers.


as for the environmental controls, the two lights on the two front and rear defrost buttons barely lit up with fluctuating light intensity.


neither the radio or the environmental controls work, only the hazard button and the power button. with the power button, the only way i could tell it was working was b/c the blipping noises on the speakers would stop.


i plugged my old p201uh unit along with another p204uh and they worked perfectly.

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