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Looking for advice, planning a Double-Din install in the cubby location


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I’m new here having recently purchased an ’09 LGT. I’m going to make my purchases soon for the stereo upgrade, but I’d like to get some advice from those on the forum. The plan is to do a double-din install in the dash cubby. First things first, avoJDM lists two double-din console panels for the Legacy. One has opening measurements of 119mm X 180mm while the other lists an opening of 200mm X 100mm. The size of the DD unit I’m considering is 178mm x 100mm x 165mm with a “nose” of 171mm x 97mm x 9mm. So (and I know this is going to perhaps be a “Captain Obvious”) what console panel should I order? The 119 x 180, correct? What does the nose measurement mean by the way?


I was reading one of the threads where I think I guy mentioned he had issues with mounting a double din in this location, something about hitting a metal bar. Any ideas? I really want this to be a clean install and look as good as possible, i.e. I don’t want to have to fabricate some special mounting plate, etc. I’m hoping this thing will just drop right in and look like it belongs.


I plan on contacting SVX Dc to inquire about obtaining a wiring harness that will, one, allow me to hookup this new unit, and two, still provide power to the stock radio just to run lights etc. I know he sells a wiring harness that allows you to hook up a new head unit when REPLACING the old one, but what about when you do something like this? Also, I’m going to ask him if he doesn’t sell a wiring harness that will allow me to bypass the HK amp. I’m just going to pull that thing out the car and toss it. LOL! I’ll power the main speakers with the new HU (HPF set to 65Hz) and use the HK amp location to mount my trusty Profile amp (to run a sub in the rear) that has served me well for several years now. So… I’d love to not have to twist wires together under the seat and just have a simple plug-in connection that allows me to power the main speakers, i.e. a nice little throughput using the factory wiring that’s already there. Of course one question in regards to this (and I know someone has posed this before), how are the tweeters in the front crossed over? The HK amp doesn’t do it, does it? If the arrangement is anything like the tweeters in the Forester (which I traded in for this Legacy) then they just have an inline capacitor that serves this function, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Can someone comment on this please. And finally, for those who are interested, I’m going to run a 10” JL sub in the rear using the box from Stereo Clarity. I’ve only ever used an 8” sub in my vehicles so this is will be a step up for me. When all is said and done the system should sound pretty sick! :0)


Sorry for the long write-up.

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