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SoCal Group Buy: BTAero (RavSpec) 08/09 LGT Front Lip


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This is the local group buy thread for BTAero (RavSpec) 08/09 Legacy Front Lip so we all can save on shipping.



$299 - Fiber Glass - Painted Flat Black

$425 - Carbon Fiber


Group Buy Discount

$50 off per lip to one location if order 5+ lips. Extra discount if total group buy quantity reach 20+ lips.



$250 for 5 lips

$85 for 1 lip


All payments will go to RavSpec, not me. I'm just organizing this SoCal Group Buy so we all can save on shipping.

When making payment, please include "SoCal GB / mk6933"


More info on the whole group buy can be found here:



1. mk6933

2. leftcoast74










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it doesnt flow with the lines of the car. it has sharp angles that do not correspond to ANY other item on the legacy, unless you get a dragon rear wing. spats dont even blend with it, because spats are curved with graceful and subtle lines
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Dave, see if you can get your money back. If you can, I might ask for mine too. I might just get the 06/07 WRX lip.


The more I look at it the more I hate it. Definitely gonna take away the "clean" look.

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