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FS (NY): Perrin Exhaust, Catted Downpipe, Titanium Shift Knob


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Up for sale, I have Perrin Mid and Y pipes, Perrin Catted DP, and an STI titanium sphere shift knob.


Perrin Mid and Y pipes: Haven't seen these floating around too much, great condition pipes. Mid and Y's are welded together. $400 OBO local pick up. Will not and cannot ship.




Perrin Catted Downpipe: Great condition as well. I have the whole Perrin TBE, but decided to just keep the mufflers. So that is why the DP and Mid/Y's are for sale. Again, will have pictures later. $400 OBO local pickup.






STi Titanium Sphere Shift Knob: This is a beautiful piece, an OEM Titanium shift knob, part number C1010FE100. Very good condition, with no scratches or damage. The only thing on it are small blemishes that look like surface stains, which im sure jewelry cleaner or a metal polish will take right out. The entire shift knob is smooth and has no scratches or gouges, just those blemishes. They will definitely come right out. Or if you plan on torching the titanium to get that blueish purple color, you will be sanding it away anyway. SOLD.


(The shift knob collected some dust while i was snapping photos, anything that LOOKS like scratches are just dust from my room lol)






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How much do you want for all of it? I need an exhaust


Where are you from? PM me and we can discuss a package deal if you're close by.


will you consider shipping the DP? How many miles are on it?


i would consider shipping it, but only if you cover the full shipping cost. i've never shipped something that big before so i'm a little worried about it. afraid it would get damaged in transit.

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