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check out this FMIC on ebay


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the title says it all. i was wondering if anyone has tried this out and if it actually fits and holds stage 2 boost...i am on a tight budget and would love an FMIC. this pice is about 340 shipped. id probably paint and coat the pipes too.


ALSO, they have godspeed FMIC kits up there cheap. the same goes for those too. i was wondering if any members had experience with either of these?


this is the godspeed, it look s a little nicer. im about to purchase this and see what i can do with it



the other one a little cheaper:


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hmmm sounds pretty good for the money. so fitment isnt that bad? no throttle body pop off under boost either? :lol: i might b getting an fms for a lil more. do u think its worth the money?
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I have never had ANY hose's pop off my installs. If the pipes are routed correctly and clamped down you'll never have a problem. It is a good deal for the money, I almost want to buy one just to have as a spare kit. I have to say the IC core has held up good over a few winters also.


FYI, this kit will fit with the stock airbox, many so no but I have done it. If your fog lights are really important to you then spend the extra money. I had added some 4300K HID's and the fog lamps were useless after so I went this route.

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