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07 spec b under seat subwoofer info HELP


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I've done the reading and the searches, just need a bit of specified information if someone could please help.


I understand the 07 spec b's with Nav unit did NOT come with an under seat subwoofer, however w/ the proper T harness they can be hooked up just like any other model.


In this auction a wiring harness is included. Is anyone familiar enough to say whether or not that's the T harness im looking for? Would this simply be a plug n' play unit then?


If it is Not, where can I source the T harness? Thank You.




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too much $$

what head unit do you have P20****?

likely yes this is it

these things literally plug and play

I replaced an '05 unit w/o SAT butoon w/ an '09 w/ SAT button

same fitment

these can be had under $100 on here used all day

I donated to LegacyGT.com which allows me to have this nifty signature. :p



If anything SCASEYS posts ever becomes a sticky i'm gonna light this whole place on fire :lol:
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There's even a thread specifically for the spec b radio, I'm just having trouble verifying that the wiring harness is the "T" harness that keeps being mentioned.


And you are right, there are some for sale from time to time.



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