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noob with no idea where to start... help please.


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Ok, so let's start with the car. 1997 Legacy POSTAL wagon. Overall the car runs great. But it makes some noise when turning (while moving). I was told it was the transmission or the front differential. And that the differential was part of the transmission. I have no idea how long the car can last in this condition.


I suppose my simplest fix is to replace the whole tranny if it would include the differential. SO, what model tranny do I need to look for? What junkyard cars can I look at as being a donor?


And of course, any info on the differential being part of the tranny would be helpful.


Point me in the right direction for all the loads of info I know is already here. Please. :)

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Ok, so the noise itself is more like the brakes sound if they are worn down to the metal. But it isn't the brakes.

And the front CV joints were both replaced a few weeks ago. They were bad, but this is an entirely different noise. :(


Is it possible that somehow the fluid is gone from the differential? I was poking around the forums and saw that there should be two dipsticks for the tranny. One of which should be for the diff? ( I'll have to go look after work)

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