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Climate control is hot to the touch

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Hey all,


I was driving back from the ballpark today and noticed my climate control panel was getting warm. It was a nice day out, so we didn't have the air/heater on and nothing was blowing from the vents-- everything was 'OFF'. The coin tray beneath the panel was also hot. I've got a 2-USB cigarette adapter in the space next to the coin tray, but nothing was plugged into that at the time. We were listening to FM radio at the time around level 5 or so-- loud enough to hear it and carry on a conversation at the same time so I don't think the radio/amp was causing it.


Any idea on what could be causing this?


For reference, I did the Jazzy Mod about a month ago, but have not noticed this before.


Thanks guys!

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I hope not. My first reaction was "this is not normal" so I thought I'd do a little background research, and when I found nothing, I started a thread about it.


Does anyone have any info on this?

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