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LGT Wagon vs Outback XT


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Hello All,


I sold my '05 LGT Wagon last year to get some finances in order and needless to say I miss my Suby Turbo! I'm planning to pick another Suby LGT/XT Turbo up this year. I see quite a few Outback XT's out there for sale. What are some reasons why I would or would not want to buy an XT and hold out for an LGT Wagon? I saw an earlier topic mention the higher ride height of the Outback XT seems to affect the handling a good deal (and not for the better either). Can that be remedied with after market shocks/struts and sway bars? I don't want to get into modding my next one too much but good handling is important.


I appreciate the input.





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If you want a 5MT you need to find an 05 LGT Wagon OR an Outback XT, and the 05 Wagons in 5MT are hard to find! If you're a 5EAT kinda guy then you have 05-07 to choose from on the LGT.


A lot of guys buy the Outback XTs and Lower them, the aesthetics are sometimes preferred due to the widened fenders. Most pieces for the suspension are interchangable I believe, There are reports of noise and clearance issues with some swaybars, though they can be remedied with longer endlinks.


There is a whole outback section in the media galleries of this forum, and A LOT of members have lowered theirs to LGT height. You sould pose your questions to them specifically (after searching).



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