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Turbo break in period???

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So i was getting ready to go stage 2 right before my CEL came on. Since it's still under warranty I took it in to the dealership and they determined that it was an issue with the turbo and said they would have to replace it.


My question is, when I get my car back, is there any sort of break in period that needs to be exercised with the new turbo? And should I wait to put on my downpipe and flash my tune for stage 2?


Btw, I looked around on the forum but all I could find were discussions about breaking in aftermarket turbos on cars that were already tuned and such so I wasn't sure.

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After the first couple rotations the turbo is as good as it ever will be. Generally if it doesn't fail as soon as the turbine spin for the first time it should be good to go. As long as you put on the st2 and dp at the same time you can do it anytime you wish.
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did the dealer say why ur turbo went? cause it could very well happen again if it was not related to the turbo.


Nope, I'm working out it but haven't gotten a get a clear answer from them yet. I would really like to know though because it went out at 38,000 miles:eek:

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Some reading;






Make sure the dealer replace the 2 oil line & banjo filter bolts. FBP site states the Turbo Install Kit is required to keep your 12mo\ unlimited miles warranty." If you do not order & install these parts, we have no recourse with Subaru to honor the warranty."


Important Note's Regarding Warranty Info:





Subaru Legacy GT Turbo Install Kit





Mileage:331487 Retired/Sold

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