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IAC for my 98GT?

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Ok, so I went to NAPA and had my CEL tested, I got two codes. One for my knock sensor, that I already knew about AND P1507.


So, I hit the internet, and searched the forums and such. I want to avoid dropping 250+ on my car if I dont have to. Especially seeing as I have to get my car through emissions by Friday night to go and get it registered by Saturday.


Now, I havent noticed any hard idling. I do notice my car doesn't like to go into 4th until almost 6k RPM...That cant be good, right?


I've seen a lot of people mention replacing the Neutral Safety Switch. Is this a viable option?


Others mention just taking the IAC Valve out and cleaning it.


Are these both viable options to try before dumping the money on a new IAC Valve? And if so, Is it something me, an inexperienced person with motors can do myself?


Is there a chance that because my car is as old as it is, that I should just say **** it and replace it?

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buy a new rubber gasket and try cleaning it.


Wait till the car is cool to remove it. If that doesn't work troll NASIOC for a used one.


The transmission issue shouldn't be related. If you haven't flushed the tranny recently I'd do so.

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