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i have an idea, let me know how stupid it is


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i know im retarded so i already put on my flamesuit. anyway, i believe a market exists for mirror covers or even model-specific caps with built in turn signal lights. i see several posts about new mirrors so i think maybe this would be a good idea. im certainly not good at this kinda stuff. i already tried cheap chinese LED strips over my mirrors, only lasted a few days. if someone made something like that they'd certainly have at least one customer, me, and probably several more. especially on the 5th gen legacy/4th gen outback, its bullshit eurotrash gets 'em but the spartan american version doesn't. the last gen legacy/outback had em, foresters even have em. besides, my right side mirror cover got smashed a month ago, i glued most of it back together but doesn't look great
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