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Anybody ever use scotchguard protector?


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Hey guys! Just wondering if anybody is familiar with using scotchguard fabric protector? I want to make sure my white fabric seats continue to look good as time goes on! :lol:


Just wondering how long the spray is good for on your seats and if you just reapply the scotchguard when ever it's that time again. Also how do your seats feel before and after they spray is applied?


Some feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

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30 years ago, I attended a 30 day carpet and upholstry cleaning school, and this is what I learned. Be advised, Scotchgard formulation has changed several times since then to meet environmental restrictions, so I don't know how accurate this is now.


Scotchgard provides somewhat of a shield that is removable by cleaning with an upholstry cleaner. The liquids, oils, and dirt that fall on it stick to the shield to prevent them from embedding the fabric. You'll want to strip the Scotchgard and all the stuff that's stuck to it before re-applying. It's lifespan depends on how much use it gets. If it's a daily driver, I'd apply every 3-4 months. It provides no significant benefit against wear and tear. It won't stop a ball point pen from marking your seat. Or fish sauce from ruining your day.


I deep clean my Wife's 2002 van once per year, and after 180,000 miles, the seats and carpet look immaculate. I've never used Scotchgard on them. In my opinion, there is no substitute for regular cleaning of carpet and upholstry. If you know how to properly clean upholstry, I don't think you need a protectant. If not, then maybe you do. But don't fall for the hype that it's going to work any miracles.

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