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Replacing rear wheel stud

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I just want this to be out there just in case anyone has to replace one and have no clue.


1. Secure car and jack up car properly.


2. Remove wheel


3. Remove caliper and hung it away with a piece of wire.


4. Use two 8mm 1.25 bolts to FORCE the rotors off the hub if they are hard to get off. These bolts are located on the car in many areas. Make sure you use two at once and tighten evenly until rotor is free.


5. Use a heavy hammer and knock the broken stud out.


6. Put new stud in and use a whole bunch of washers to PULL the new stud in place.


7. Put rotor on


8. Put caliper back on


9. Put wheel back on




SIDE NOTE: I did this on a 2009 Legacy 2.5 Limited Edition with AUTO.


There was enough room to get the new stud in the whole so tricks were really use.


Its a very very easy job that can be done in 20 mins.

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