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Clock Extension Harness


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EDIT (MAY 15 2012)


A BIG THANK YOU TO BIGTDOG who found the connector see post 17




Also, if anyone is interested in my build thread please check out this thread.




Thank you




Hey everyone,


Hoping someone can help me out.


I am looking to build a harness for the OEM nav. I want to take most of the wires from the clock connector, but I dont want to cut the stock harness. Instead I want to build a plug in harness.


Can anyone tell me what kind of connector this is, and where I can buy the oposite one? (Want to make an extension harness)


These are the pictures of it.






Any help would be great.


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I know that one is actualy made, because it came with the JDM clock relocation kit. But I cant find a part number, so I was hoping to find the connector and make my own.... I really dont wanna cut it.


Thanks for the reply


perhaps contact japanparts or avo and see what they say?

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So Japan parts got back to me. They dont sell the clock harness by itself, but they do sell this:



(I cant remember if I am allowed to post links or not... I will check and remove if I am in violation.)


Anyways, it plugs into the OP connector, which will pull


12V batt





Backup Signal


Parking Switch


This would give me everything I need to install the oem Nav, except for the Can Bus.


So my three questions are:


Does anyone see a problem with using this harness?

Does anyone know if a 2006 Legacy 2.5i has this OP connector? (I may just need to go look)

Where on a 2006 Legacy 2.5i can I grab the Can Bus signal from?


Thanks everyone.

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2005s had the OP connector. I don't remember if the 2006 had it or when Subaru phased it out. I seem to recall some of the early 2006 models having it but I can't remembrer.


The clock relocation kit comes with the harness, but it is missing two wires. Many years ago a member was selling the two required wires and terminals, but I doubt he has anything like that now.

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well I just ripped apart the underside of my dash, and there is no OP connector to be found... very dissoppionting. Time to start looking at the clock connector again.


ssbtech do you know who that member is? maybe he at least knows the name of the connector or pins? Also, thank you for your info in my other post.. I think you are right, and I will use an add a circut for the batt +

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If you can get me a better, bigger picture I can probably find it. Cables and harnesses are a big part of my work.


Actually, how easy is it to pull the cubby? I can probably take a look at lunch tomorrow. I'm thinking it may be a JST connector, but I'll keep looking.

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GOT IT!! well, 99% sure I got it:


Toyota part number 90980-11923




From here:



You can buy both ends from here:







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How is the pinout different? It shouldn't matter anyway, all you're doing is extending the wires.


I hope you have a good crimper for those terminals. If not, you'd be better off cuting/extending the factory wires (as much as I hate to say that)

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So it's a Yazaki connector.




I've never heard of that manufacture, but to properly crimp the terminals, you'll need the crimper sold on that page I linked you to earlier.


You can use a common crimper to get most of the way there, then I'd solder the wire to be certain it's being retained properly.


As for pinout, +12VDC and ground are easy, the rest, you're on your own :)

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Hey BigTDogg,


These connectors arrived today. They seem to be the correct ones.. I will know for sure once I get the pins in and everything, but just doing a test fit, they seem perfect. So again a BIG THANK YOU!!!!


Also, if you would like to follow my progess please check out my build thred




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