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'11 Legacy needs MORE BASS!!! Help PLEASE


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I appreciate awesome sound but don't feel one needs to fork over thousands of dollars at the dealership to get it. I don't know if I could classify myself as an audiophile because I lack the knowledge of the technical data, however I would appreciate any insight into making my stereo rock with more bass.


I own a 2011 Legacy 2.5i (premium) with 6 speakers and a month after I got it, I swapped out the in-dash CD for a in dash Navigation for the JVC KW-NT50HDT ($850 installed).


I have been reading up on some of the UNDER THE SEAT powered SUBWOOFER, which was offered to me at option of purchase. $750 seemed borderline ridiculous much like the $3000 I neglected to spend at the dealer to get a touch screen Navigation.


I haven't changed any of the stock speakers. I feel that they are decent but miss the feel of some good bass. I do not wish to give up my trunk space and don't wish my neighbors to hear my bass pumping 3 blocks away. That to me is overkill. I want to crank the tunes in my ride and feel some great bass!


Any Suggestions for some UNDER THE SEAT POWERED SUBS???:lol:


Can anyone share some of their suggestions????


Things that I have read that appeal to me are the:

KICKER - Hideaway 8" Subwoofer with Enclosure and Integrated 150W Amplifier ($300)


and the



Kenwood KSC-SW10 ($250)



The Stats of my JVC Navigation stereo are:


Amplifier KW-NT50HDT

Maximum Power Output 50W x 4

Continuous Power Output (RMS) 20 + 20W RMS x 4ch at 4 ohms and no more than 1% THD

MOS-FET Amplifier Yes

Audio DAC 192kHz/24bit

Advanced Multi-bit DAC Yes


7-Band iEQ Yes

Source-Specific Volume Control Yes

Balance/Fader Control Yes

Max. Amp Gain Switcher Yes

AV Input Terminals (Video + L/R) Yes

Camera Input (Video Input) Yes

Amp Defeat Switch Yes

Video Input 1.0Vp-p/75 ohms

Audio Input 1.5V20 kohms

Line Output Terminals (pair) 3 Pairs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)

Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency Control Yes

Pre-output Level/Impedance 2.5V/20 kohms Load (CD full scale)

Line Output Level 2.5V

Compositive Video Output Yes

Frequency Response 40 - 20,000Hz

Load Impedance 4 ohms (4 - 8 ohms)

Subwoofer Output Level 2.5V

Video Output Level/Impedance 1.0Vp-p/75 ohms

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Fits into the passenger rear side of your trunk with NO loss of trunk space. Here it is mounted in my car.


2010 2.5GT limited is for sale. :)
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