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ESP Legacy GT


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Definitely not stock. Here is a pic from the event:





JIC coilovers

Perrin sway bars

Whiteline roll center kit

Whiteline Front Inner Lower Control Arm Bushing

Super Pro Front Lower Control Arm Inner Rear Bushing

Custco front and rear lower bracing

Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms

Perrin Headers

Perrin Uppipe

Perrin Downpipe

Perrin Intercooler

Cobb Accessport Stg 1 Tune


I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

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you might be able to find a dyno in the area, buy/borrow a tactric cable, hook up your laptop or put in a micro-sd chip, do a couple of dyno runs, then send it off for analysis to a shop?


Or check at the college in Bozeman? They have a strong engineering program there and should have a dyno on campus. Its a bit of a haul from Kalispell, however, the roads are fun...from what I remember (used to live in E. Glacier Park).

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