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N/A Brakes on my LGT ?


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I went to replace my rear pads and came back with a set that didnt fit, so i returned to the store with the pas to match and it turns out I have N/A rear calipers, or atleast pads?


Has anyone else found this?

What other differences might there be?

Maybe the catolog at the store was off.. trying to find the part #'s i used

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the year of your lgt would be helpful.


05-09 lgt uses D770 pad shape which is also found on the 99-03 impreza and 00-04 legacy.

05-09 non-turbo legacy uses D1114 which is also on the 08+ impreza


the pad shapes are a FMSI standard number that many manufacturers use in the actual part number (i.e. stoptech/centric) or at least have a cross reference sheet available (hawk).


so for example the correct stoptech part number for an LGT is 309.07700



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