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Fixed that dang leaking PS resevoir!

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Finally got sick and tired of smelling burning PS fluid every time I came to a stop so I pulled the PS resevoir and replaced the O-ring on it.


First I sucked all the old fluid out with a turkey baster. Then unbolted the 3 or 4 10mm bolts that hold the resevoir to the pump. No need to disconnect any hoses. Rotated the resevoir so I could get at the bottom nipple and cut the old, dried up O-ring off and found a replacement in the O-ring drawer.


Looks like that fixed the leak. But only time will tell.


This little Legacy wagon has been the best vehicle so far. My fuel bill has gone down almost 500.00 per month. I used to hate driving because I knew how much it was costing me.


Now if I can just fix the gas gauge to not read empty when I have 7 gallons left in the tank.



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