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A/C not blowing cold even after "refill"

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Hey guys and girls.

Long story short, I hit a deer back in Nov. that caused all my HVAC to stop working.

Originally the body shop said they would need to send it out to Subaru.

They somehow were able to fix it by replacing a fuse (all I was told).

It fixed the problem so that I was able to use all the climate control buttons and what not.


With the weather now being on the warmer side, I went to use my AC and it was blowing hot(air temp and warmer since it pulls from the engine bay).


The body shop did a free diagnosis on it, discharged and recharged the system, checked the AC compressor (yes it's getting power), and they told me I'd have to bring it to Subaru to get it fixed.


The employee told me it was probably from my tuner who forgot to tell the computer to turn on the AC.... Yea.


Well I got it tuned at EFI and I'm 100% sure it was working fine all previous summer and fall.


I'm going to send it to Subaru and hopefully geico will cover it, but any ideas as to why the AC compressor is getting power yet not turning on?


Blower motor works fine.


Ideas would be awesome.


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it could be a number of problems


maybe the deer punctured the condenser and you had a leak and all the freon leaked out. a shop that doesnt know anything prob pulled a vacuum and recharged it thinking that will fix the problem. sounds like the ones who you went to does not know that much


could be the clutch went bad


best to have someone who knows what they are doing look at it

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The body shop is very reputable, but the man I was speaking to kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Kind of as if this were my fault.


If the condenser was punctured, wouldn't it show a leak in the system, and when it was recharged, wouldn't it blow cold for a short period of time if the hole was small enough?


I will be sending it to Subaru soon, but this is just ridiculous.

I HATE deer!

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wait... if you ac compressor kicking on? idle the car, open the hood, turn on ac and hear for audible click...


if there is no freon, ac compressor would not turn on - didnt think about that. just going from that because you hit a deer


there is no 'dummy light' to say there is no freon or the ac compressor does not work, you can pull a vacuum in the system but when you turn off the suction the vacuum goes away. once the system is pressurize, its a matter of seconds until its all out. all depends how the guy is operating the machine and skill level. you do need a license to operate a ac machine but the test is easy.

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Ok let's revisit this thread as I will be attempting to diagnose the problem more this weekend.


A/C won't "click" on, meaning the magnetic clutch isn't engaging.

I realize this can be from too little or too much pressure, but assuming it has no leaks and sufficient pressure, what else could it be?


I was hit in the drivers front fender, smack dab where the relays lay. I just called the body shop and they said they didn't check anything electrical.


I asked if it could be that the impact broke the a/c main relay, and the he proceeded to tell me they "jumped over the relay and tested the system elsewhere and the relay is in fact working. The compressor isn't receiving the message to turn on which is coming from either your ecu or your climate control unit."


I looked at the outside of the relay, and it looks fine, but that doesn't mean impact didn't damage it. I understand it is considered fragile electronics.


None of the other relays are similar so I can't really unplug and plug in a different one to diagnose it that way.


I am leaning towards purchasing a junk yard unit and swapping the clutch out, but I want to be 100% sure.


It has nothing to do with the air not being cold enough. It isn't being cooled at all, so I'm not even going to replace the cabin air filter( which was replaced at 60k).



What are my next steps?

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I think there is a leak in the system or there is no signal coming from the relay or ecu.


Check the voltages on the plug to the ac compressor.




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