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Center Console light issue.


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Teh Car:


2005 LGT Un-Limited




Relevant Mods:

Parrot CK3000 Evo. Bluetooth Unit

Jazzy Aux-In



Teh Issue:

Any and all back lighting on my center console is so dim it appears to be non-functional, this includes the . This does not apply to the HVAC, or stereo read-out, the trip computer, or the clock.


I have searched several times for a solution on this, but haven't come up with anyone having the same issue. It seems most folks just needed to hit their brightness button (light bulb button next to the trip. comp.) My issue is not resolved by that, nor is it resolved by manipulating the brightness control knob on the left side of the steering column.



Red lines indicate things which function properly.

Green Lines indicate things not functioning properly.





Ideas, comments, concerns, flames, jokes, horoscope consultation, GOOO!!!!!




(thanks guys and gals)

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The lights indicated by that picture are barely on, if they illuminate at all.


To clarify, even at midnight, with no ambient light around the car whatsoever, it is no possible to see any illumination from the lights I'm talking about. Occasionally they will kick on briefly (~5 minutes or so) but they are so dim it takes a second glance to notice they are on at all.

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I have not tried another head unit yet. I was afraid that would be the suggestion, but I'm still hopeful someone has an easier solution I can try before getting that far into it. Thank you for the input.
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