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Well i finally got around to finding where the wires from my trunk ran to (other than the power wire) for the previously professional installed subs that the first owner had in the car. Turns out the headphone jack that was in my trunk was a Bass Control Knob underneath the center console. He must have taken apart the center console when he took the subs out to hide that since it would have been a pain in the @ss to take out.


so my question is...what amp/s can I use with the bass control knob?


it looks similar to this one:


except it only has the knob on the right. and I believe it is a power acoustik brand. which then leads me to my next question. I searched their website and when i found the remote control knobs, this also came with the knob:




any ideas would help out greatly. Thanks!

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I wouldn't buy a power acoustik amp, or that bass machine thing. If you want an amp/sub, just buy the best product to suit your needs and forget about the bass knob that's there already.


Once you've got whatever you end up with, maybe the knob will be compatible with it, maybe not. I never install them anyway myself.

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I've never installed the knobs either but all the wires were ran professionally and I think it would be a pain in the ass to take it out so I figured I would try and make use of it. I'm planning on just buying a cheap amp and sub just for some bass since the underseat sub I have right now isn't really cutting it compared to when I first got my car.
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