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2006 Legacy 2.5i Maintenance

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I picked up a 2006 Legacy Wagon 2.5i Sp Ed with just shy of 100k miles on it. I'm planning to do the timing belt, front oil seals, coolant, air filter, spark plugs, & wires, water pump, thermostat, accessory belts, & front O2 sensor.


I guess what I have questions about is the coolant. I know the manual says to use OEM coolant with the conditioner. I know the older 2.5's it was highly recommended to use the conditioner, but didn't know if the newer ones needed to have OEM coolant or if Pestone or similar is ok.


Also, has anyone replaced the in-tank fuel filter?


Anything else I'm missing? I'm going to try and order parts this afternoon so if you have additions, let me know.




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