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Need help from someone with an 05 LGT !!!!

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Im looking for where the grounds in the engine bay go on the drivers side. You should be able to see where they are by simply removing the engine cover. I think they ground to the very back on the top of the drivers side head but would like confirmation on that. If anyone can look at their car and let me know id apprciate it. The wires come out of the main wire run with the injectors and the grounds are square ground rings. Any help would be great.
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there is a peice of aluminulm back there i think its part of the tgv valve things with two threaded holes vertically in there.


and the starter had also a large ground going to one of its mounting bolts.

Now that's thinking out of the boxer!:lol:

fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader

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