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tactrix cable


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Does anyone have a Tactrix cable I can borrow to use ecuflash to tune my car.

I have the base map to go on and I can use learning view and RR with the VAG cable I have but ecuflash does not want to work with this cable.

I'm in the Sacramento area.



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If you're ever in the SF or SJ area I can help you out with a reflash, though I'm not going to lend you my OpenPort 2.0. In the meantime place your order now for one of these:

eBay search for vag-com kkl usb


They can read and reflash the ECU on your 2006 LGT, in addition to logging. They usually ship from Asia so they'll take a couple weeks to arrive. If you already have such a cable you probably just need the right combo of drivers and software to make reflashing work.

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I already have a cable like that. VAG-com KKL. It will do learning view, RR just fine but no ecuflash. I have tried what seams like every combo of version, driver, even two completely different computers and all I get is no interface Karl 007 in the ecuflash log.

Maybe someone that goes to the sacramento thursday night meets has a working cable I could try.

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I always had success with eBay cables using the latest EcuFlash (1.42 as of this writing) and the drivers it includes. Here are my usual instructions for Windows XP:


  1. Plug in the VAG-COM KKL cable.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. Uninstall the cable's COM port. If it has an entry in the USB Controllers section delete that too. (I forget if it does or not.)
  4. Close Device Manager.
  5. Unplug the cable.
  6. Open Add or Remove Programs.
  7. Uninstall EcuFlash.
  8. Uninstall all OpenPort and/or FTDI driver entries. There should be three OpenPort entries, including one for the OpenPort 2.0.
  9. Close Add or Remove Programs.
  10. Reboot.
  11. If the C:\Program Files\OpenECU directory still exists, delete it. (Or wherever you installed EcuFlash to.)
  12. Install the latest version of EcuFlash. (The latest stable release is 1.42.2595 as of this writing.)
  13. When the installation dialogs for the OpenPort drivers pop up as part of installing EcuFlash, install them too.
  14. Plug in the cable. Wait for Windows to find and install the drivers automatically.
  15. Try to read your ECU using EcuFlash. Remember to connect the green debug connectors under the dash.

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On my 06 I use my little netbook to datalog but can't flash the ecu because for some reason ecuflash won't connect on it. I use my laptop to flash but I can't datalog because RR doesn't work on that PC. The vag-com cable is just finicky I think, it's a pain but that's how I get mine to work.


If you want to roll out to Lincoln we can flash your ecu.

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thanks for the offer to use your equipment to flash my car.

I have tried and retried with the cable I have and two different laptops, at least it works for me to log.

I work in North Highlands so I don't mind driving up to Lincoln after work.

PM me with what days would work for you.


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Speedracer76 is it possible you have an Ecutek or Cobb reflash on your ECU right now? Newer versions of those block other software from reading or reflashing.


Have you tried your cable+laptop with another 32-bit, pre-CANbus Subaru? Any 2005-2006 Legacy/Outback, 2004-2006 Impreza, 2004-2006 STI, etc.

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