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Project I need a DD

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So after way to much time spend and money wasted I have one last lead on why my car wont idle thanks to eekay!




So here starts the project.


Motor our in less than 2 hours by my self




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Same lol. My real project car is going to be put on hold for a while now. Makes me mad, but what can you do about it. Everything else on the car is fine, so I would hate to sell it for $1000 when i can spend that and drive it a lot longer.
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I am going to have fun with it since it is already out of the car. I am throwing an EJ251 shortblock with sti headgaskets and PnP EJ25D heads, and maybe a set of delta cams down the road. Should give it a little bit more get up without any EM.

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New pistons showed up yesterday, I am dropping them off Friday at the machine shop and hope to have the block back next week.


I started on the PnP but school is taking a bunch of time, I dont know if I will finish the PnP to my specs, but it will at least have the casting lines removed and smoothed out.


The build list:

King main bearings

King rod bearings

STi headgaskets

Gates timing belt kit

9 or 10mm oil pump

EJ251 block

EJ251 crank

EJ251 rods

EJ251 pistons (New)

NRP piston rings

EJ25D heads

PnP heads

Decked heads

UEL header


The best part is I will only be $500-600 into this rebuild lol

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Finally able to find some time to work on this.




Almost there. Just need the timing belt and tensioner I had to use on my white LGT last weekend.

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Got the motor in yesterday and it fired today. Still experiencing the same idling issue I had before I pulled the motor. I have yet to spend much time adjusting things though. This week or maybe the weekend I will be able to spend some time on it. For now pictures:





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Well I was able to button everything up today and take it on a cruise. So far the EJ251 with sti headgaskets and EJ25D heads makes for a great combo with a little extra get up and go. Overall I am happy with the build, now let winter begin lol!
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I did put it on there because I was going to buy a forester from a friend but it fell through so now I am keeping it.


I am somewhere around 10.5:1 to 10.8:1. I am not quite sure how much as been shaved off the heads before, but I know I just had another 0.003 taken off.

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