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Subaru dealer sez I need AT flush/filter. Should I?


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I just got this '08 OB (probably a former lease vehicle), and I took it to the dealer to do an inspection. Although it checked out ok, they did note that the Automatic transmission has contaminated/burnt tranny fluid and needs a trans filter ($260), it requires a front/rear differential service ($85), and a power steering flush as well ($140). Basically some expensive fluid changes at the 70K mile mark...


Does the dealer do something special on these particular vehicles which will prolong the life of these components, that a regular shop does not normally do (like use special lubricants or additives)?

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The ATF is normally an inspect and replace as need be by the dealer. Our policy is to drain and fill every 30K (every major service) along with the front and rear diff. The dealer is charging those rates because they are a dealership. They have more overhead and have to charge certain rates.


If you can find a good specialist shop to get all that stuff done and you can not only save some money but get a better product. We use Amsoil ATF, or Redline ATF for customers who have mods on the autos. The filter should be done if changing the fluid.




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