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Can you do anything decent with an '08 OEM Headunit?


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I'd like to keep my stock '08 OB headunit if I can, but improve the overall sound, including mo' bass and integrate my Window's Smartphone.


What would you do if you were me, with the above factors in consideration?


(keep the factory '08 Headunit though)...

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Less than $1000 can be done no problem. Can you do the install yourself?


Depending on the products you go with, you could mount a processor under one front seat and an amp under the other to save space. If you want a sub, you'll have to give up a little cargo space most likely but with a custom enclosure you can do some pretty cool stuff without taking up much space.

MODS: PW TMIC, Cobb catted DP, HKS cat-back, AVO filter, Bren e-tune; Konis/Epics, Advan RCII
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+1 on Dbl_D718


OEM Processor Is a GREAT way to start-Choosing Accordingly. They're not all the same:)


After you have decided on what OEM Processor Upgrade you will be using, I suggest moving on to your Front Stage.


Vehicle? BTW, I am in the Process of Fabbing up Vehicle Specific Enclosures for the 4th Gen Sedan AS soon as 3M gets my last Dose of Glass here!! PM me if interested.



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