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Front Sway Bar is Making a Clunking Noise any Ideas?


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I just reciently had a Subaru dealer install a front sway bar and after having it for 3 days they final said that they can not get rid of the noise and I should take up this problem with the sway bar manufacture after purchasing it from their parts department.

Any ideas on what could be causing this type of noise and how to I get rid of it?

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Guest turboman

The problem couldn't be in the two strap mounts, unless the bolts are loose. It's most likely the drop links have "slop" between the cushions. The installer may have had the car on a lift and wheels were hanging down where he installed them. If I recall the suspension should be compressed when the link bolt is snugged down (is there a cotter pin hole?), and put lithium or synthetic grease on the link bolt as well as inside the frame bushings..


Also the link bushings (biscuits) could be sequenced or faced wrong or maybe he forgot one. Maybe the mechanic dropped one and he couldn't find it, so he skipped one on the other side so they would match and wouldn't admit it.

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