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new subbie owner, harsh ride

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I just purchased a 05 LGT limited,76,000 mi, auto. in pretty good condition. Car has minor wear and tear, headlights are a little foggy,couple of minor chips but no dings.The front bumper could probably use a replace as it has the most wear. It looks like a california car according to carfax.


It runs great, it seems bone stock no visible mods that I can see. The ride seems harsh to me though considering my previous ride was a toyota sienna. I can literally feel and hear every bump and crack in these NYC roads. Is this normal? I have Uniroyal Tiger Paws touring tires 215/55 17's. Just to make it clear I did not buy these tires on purpose, they came with the car!

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Sienna rides like a pillow and has no road feel. If your Sienna was older it may have had some worn shocks too which makes them ride even softer.


It is absolutely normal to feel the road. Its subdued though in the Subaru Legacy GT.


Start by checking the tire pressure. Also so tires are worst than others at ride, I have no idea on Tiger Paws.

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