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Atlanta Cobb AP Owners


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Anybody want to volunteer to let me try their AP on my '05 Legacy GT? ;)


I've got the same hiccuping/stuttering/surging problem that apparently everybody has, even though it's not noted in any of the reviews I read before buying...


I'd be willing to drop the cash if I knew I could fix the problem, but reviews have been mixed. I'll buy the beer while we're waiting for things to load.



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Does the AP have a money back return policy?


Also, the AP must be unmarried from the other persons car before you can use. So they loose 2 of their remaining flashes(unflash/flash).


I will tell you it makes things much "better", but not 100% gone.

I don't regret the AP at all. Very good bang for the buck. Though it does not seem like as much "bang" as the increase I got when I chipped my S4.



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